Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Install BVNqa49247 for 8.1AB

Install BVNqa49247 for 8.1AB to make content list support dynamic sorting.

1. Update bvmc.war/WEB-INF/conf/view-beans-cm.xml
The file under:($bv1to1\Jboss\server\bv_framework\deploy\bvmc.war)

2. Update cmContentDTO for new common content attributes (make sure the attribute name in upper case)
Add this line:

<form-property name="CREATION_TIME" type="java.util.Date" />

3. Customized the bvmc.war/cm/browse/browseBody.jsp

4. Stop JBOSS

5. Copy patch folder into %BV1TO1%

6. Set environment of BV
cd BV1TO1\bin

7. Go into BV1TO1\patch\BVNqa49247\installer\bin
run command: install-patch BVNqa49247
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